D’epog: Series of Series of Series of Series

180 min
Performance, live video set, in collaboration with D’epog.
Slovak premiere Sept-23, 2019, Batyskaf, Bratislava
Czech premiere Feb-20, 2020, HaDivadlo, Brno

Directed by Lucia Repašská
Dramaturgy Matyáš Dlab
Stage design Matěj Sýkora
Live-video Martin Blažíček
Sound Matúš Kobolka
Light design Vladimír Burian

Performed by Janet Prokešová, Radim Brychta, Zuzana Smutková, Zdeněk Polák and Magdalena Straková

Co-produced by Batyskaf platform, supported by Fond na podporu umenia and FAMU Center for audiovisual studies.
D’epog z.s is supported by the city Brno and Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.

The work of art thematically deals with the organization of human society, the systematization of interpersonal relationships, work efficiency and performance enhancement, mechanisms of control, control and management, communication oversaturation and the risks of destabilization and collapse. Subtopics are viewed from the perspective of individuality and collectivity, centralization and decentralization, activity and passivity. The starting point of the practical side of the project is the confrontational interface between the environment of scenic and virtual reality, attacking the possibility of the audience’s perception and testing its limits.